Central Valley Invitational

Saturday & Sunday, June 24 & 25, 2023

Courses: Blackhorse and Bayonet

2022 Winner: John “Mots” Motsenbocker


Cost: $325
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Past Emails

January 5th

CVI Playas,

It’s time to send out our first Tournament email update of the year!  We could go into great detail about all the crap we had to deal with to get our dates and courses set this year but we’ll just cut to the chase.  
The dates for CVI 2023 are June 24th and June 25th at 11:00 and 10:00 respectively.  We plan to target the last weekend in June moving forward as it has proven to be most suitable for the majority.  After 15 years of having Poppy Hills in the rotation, it is not meant to be in 23.  The NCGA moved their qualifying tournament to our date and we got the boot.  They said it will most likely be only for this year but we’ll see.  Poppy has been an unappreciative pain in the arse as of late so maybe it’s good timing for a break.  Still going to miss seeing that cart girl though.
Now for the good news… We will be playing Blackhorse on Saturday at 11:00 and Bayonet Sunday at 10:00.  These are the exact times we strive for every year as they are most suitable.  In addition to that, we have been in direct contact with the Pro out there and he assured us that come CVI time, both courses should be in excellent shape!  Troon golf has already started the B&B maintenance improvements and there will also be some minor changes to the tracts.  
Our tech savvy Eric will be putting together a link to his website where you can get all CVI updates and even make partial or full payments for your entrance fee.  There will be additional emails to follow regarding fees, lodging options, etc.  In the meantime, Mots go get your shine box for that Cup and be prepared to go very low to take it back home!  Until later…
The Commissioners
** As always, please forward to anyone not on the list or a potential new player.

Past Winners

2022 Jon Motsenbocker

2021 Frank LoCicero

2020 Mike Saviez

2019 Kent Luckin

2018 Jon Motsenbocker

2017 Kevin Hendricks

2016 Jeff Palomino

2015 Mike Saviez

2014 Gary Guzzetta 

2013 Jeff Tozlian

2012 Shane Towne

2011 Frank Salvio

2010 Shane Towne

2009 Kent Luckin

2008 Paul Luckin