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Any Home, Any Condition, Any Price. Whatever the situation, if you need to sell your home fast for cash, call Eric McCormick, REALTOR®.

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Sell Your Fresno Home for Cash!

Let’s be frank, a cash buyer is looking at your property as an investment opportunity and wants to buy your house at a wholesale price. In addition, not every property fits every cash buyer.

I work with multiple investors who make cash offers and typically close escrow in 10 to 15 days. When you call me first, I will represent you and show your property to MULTIPLE CASH BUYERS. My process helps you to get the HIGHEST and BEST offer since multiple investors will be bidding on your property.*

Why Sell Your Property for Cash?

  1. If you need to liquidate the property immediately for cash
  2. If you are facing Foreclosure
  3. If your property needs significant repairs and will not qualify for a loan
  4. If you own inherited property that needs repairs
  5. If you need to relocate quickly
  6. Probate property that needs repairs

You Need Representation for Any Real Estate Transaction

Don’t be fooled! Getting a cash offer is pretty easy. But getting the highest and best cash offer and closing escrow with the most amount of money is hard. Cash buyers, who in most cases are not licensed REALTORS®, might “wow you” with a great offer. Their goal could be to get you into escrow so that you don’t show the property to anyone else. Then, after 10 to 15 days, they might “break the news” that your property is not what they thought and will lower their offer with a “take it or leave it” approach. At this point, you might feel pressured to accept their new offer so that you can close escrow and get your cash. Don’t let this happen! Eric McCormick will represent you throughout the transaction. I will provide the necessary paperwork and contractual language to mitigate this problem. And if there is a legitimate reason to lower the price, I will provide the market data so you know what is a good offer and what is too low.

As a licensed REALTOR® with the State of California, I’m bound to a higher ethical standard and have a fiduciary responsibility to my clients. I will represent you, the seller, throughout the transaction, and provide market data so you will have confidence and clarity before accepting an offer. In addition, I will handle the required legal paperwork that will help mitigate a post-sale lawsuit.

Need to Sell Your House for Cash?

Call Eric McCormick, REALTOR® at (559) 304-4637.