Probate & Trust Real Estate Sales

Probate real estate sales need the steady hand of a Certified Probate Specialist who can guide you through the process.

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Probate Real Estate Fresno

If you are the Administrator or Executor of an Estate, or a Probate Attorney, Eric McCormick can assist you through the probate real estate process with professionalism and detail that is required for a seamless transaction. Not only does Eric McCormick understand the probate process, but he has the patience, professionalism and communication skills to work with multiple decision-makers and involved parties. 

My Goals For Your Probate Transaction:

  1. To provide objective, third party advice.
  2. To work with the attorney on their schedule and to appear in court or at hearings.
  3. To execute a marketing and listing strategy to maximize the opportunities of the sale, get multiple offers, and the highest and best price.
  4. To be a fiduciary representative throughout inspections, negotiations and escrow.
  5. To provide all the necessary paperwork and disclosures to ensure a smooth transaction.

Why work with a Certified Probate Specialist?

Probate real estate transactions differ from traditional sales and require additional disclosures and paperwork. In addition, in most cases there are multiple family members or attorneys involved, and the Administrator might not have lived in, or is not familiar with the property. When you take all of these factors together it’s important to work with a proven real estate professional who can handle the technical, legal, fiduciary and emotional aspects of the transaction.

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