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Estate Sale Fresno

In addition to being a Realtor, I’m the owner of Estate Sale Fresno. Estate Sale Fresno is a full-service estate sale company that helps families liquidate personal property for maximum value. We have more than 20 years of experience in estate sales, real estate marketing, advertising and relocation, and understand the stress associated with major life changes. Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop of services to seamlessly help you transition from one house to the next, or even from one state to the next.

Need help with inherited property?

If someone you love has gone into care or passed away, and you are responsible for liquidating their property and/or personal items, we can help you from start to finish. We provide a reputable and honest service with a fiduciary responsibility to maximize value for our clients. You’re not alone and we’ll help you through this difficult transition.

Need an estate sale and to sell the property? We do it all!

This is why people and attorneys call us first. With one phone call, we can help alleviate your stress and handle the entire process. We can meet with you to discuss your goals and timeline, schedule the estate sale (or trash out), prepare the property for selling, and then list and sell the property. We also offer discounted rates if we can help you with both the estate sale and listing. Plus, we have a network of vendors to help with repairs, painting, inspections, and more.

Estate Sale Services Fresno

Our services include:

  • Pricing – All items for sale will be carefully assessed and priced according to condition and market value.  Any items of perceived higher value will be researched and a price agreed upon between client and sale coordinator before the day of sale.
  • Networking – Unique items that could be sold at a higher price though a private buyer or online auction will be set aside and discussed with the client.  Estate Sale Fresno networks with consignment stores, appraisers, collectors, estate jewelry buyers and others to help you maximize the value of the items that might be under-valued at an estate sale.
  • Cleaning – All items for sale will be cleaned and polished so they look their best on sale day.
  • Tagging – All items for sale will have a price tag attached so that sale day customers will clearly know the price of items and negotiation is discouraged.
  • Staging – All items for sale will be presented in a way to encourage purchasing by creating eye level displays, tables for presentation, table covers, descriptions of items and general retail visuals standards.
  • Sale Day Services – Extra resources on the day can include a designated cashier at a customer convenient location and a rover for helping customers with the items they have selected for purchase, placing items on hold while they shop, wrapping items and helping customers to their cars with purchases.
  • Money Handling – A Square account will be set up for Credit Card transaction and monies received will go straight into the account of the client’s choosing.  Cash will be encouraged but having credit cards accepted on the day is very helpful to many customers.
  • Marketing – Who you choose to handle your estate sale is critical. Your estate sale is only as successful as the number of people who show up. Estate Sale Fresno uses digital advertising, social media paid ads, email marketing and personal phone calls to maximize the number and quality of attendees.

May 20th
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The house is sold and they are ready to move! You’ll find some great deals and very nice, contemporary items in great condition.
Quality Furniture
Home Decor 
Tables & Chairs
Dishes & Linens
Musical Instruments
and MORE!

Cash Buyer Sales

In addition to liquidating property, we also purchase properties that need extensive clean-outs, rehab or repairs.

Either we will purchase your property and everything you want to leave behind, or I work with multiple investors who make cash offers and typically close escrow in 10 to 15 days. When you call me first, I will represent you and show your property to MULTIPLE CASH BUYERS. My process helps you to get the HIGHEST and BEST offer since multiple investors will be bidding on your property.

Why Sell Your Property For Cash?

You may need to liquidate the property immediately for cash when:

  • If you are facing Foreclosure
  • If your property needs significant repairs and will not qualify for a loan
  • If you own inherited property that needs repairs
  • If you need to relocate quickly
  • If the property needs repairs and has a significant amount of items that need to be discarded

Home Staging

Sell your home faster, for more money!

Did you know that home buyers typically take less than a minute to decide if they like a home and want to see more? Professional staging can help you make that instant impression work for you and encourage a buyer to continue to explore the property with an open mind.
The placement of furniture, decluttering, cleaning and arrangement of decorations are all part of our staging services. When the home you have to sell is professionally staged, buyers will be able to imagine themselves in the home and are more likely to make an offer.

Moving Coordinator

Most people hate moving and all the headache that goes with it. There are so many things to remember and coordinate that if you haven’t done it before, or are facing a big move, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our moving coordinator has experience moving overseas, out of state and just across town. From packing up your home, moving it anywhere in the United States, getting quotes for overseas moves, unpacking, or total house set-up at destination, we can handle everything from start to finish. You can literally go on vacation and walk into your new home without lifting a finger.

Meet Your Estate Sale Team

Lesley Dresser

Estate Sale Coordinator, Staging & Moving

My estate sale experience started more than 25 years ago when my parents passed away and I moved overseas for the first time. I had to sell and move so much that I got really good really fast. Years later I moved overseas (again!) and when I moved back I was the “go to girl” my friends would call for moving and yard sales. I was then recommended for estate sales, staging and moving coordination outside my friend group and the business grew from there. I quickly found out that clients appreciated my flexible, honest and enthusiastic approach to managing the liquidation of their property and customers loved the fun, professional and safe buying environment I provided. Then I met Eric McCormick, a sales and marketing guru, that also happens to be a Realtor, and things really took off. I organize the sale, Eric puts together the advertising and marketing campaign, and my clients gets the best price on the day for their items. Eric and I are finding so much purpose in our new adventure and we can’t wait to hear from you and learn how our team can help.

Eric McCormick

Realtor & owner McCormick Marketing

I have owned McCormick Marketing since 2008, been the advertising agency for London Properties since 2009, a Realtor since 2011, and have managed 100’s of marketing campaigns for more than 25 years. I’m a Google Certified Partner and proficient in digital, social and online marketing. Because of my experience with marketing and real estate I often get asked to handle difficult real estate transactions including probate, multiple decision-makers, legal or forced sales, hoarding situations, need for cash buyers and more. I also have local connections for estate jewelry sales, auto sales, antiques, and collectibles. I’m hands-on with helping Lesley with the logistics of the estate sale, however my role is to put together the advertising campaigns to maximize foot traffic and sales.

Realtor, London Properties, Cal BRE# 01931027

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