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Eric McCormick specializes in helping investors find rehab and rental property.

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Investment Property Fresno

If you’re a real estate investor in the greater Fresno area I offer a unique opportunity to find rehab or rental property. Using my 20 years of experience in advertising, SEO marketing strategies, my For Sale By Owner Assistance Program and my Estate Sale Fresno business, I have the ability to find willing sellers early in the selling process.

In addition, I also help new real estate investors navigate the real estate investment market. I can work with you on CAP Rate Analysis, rental comparisons, and general market information to help you have a better understanding of what type of real estate investor you want to be.

Low home inventory and a very competitive real estate investment market can make finding investment property a challenge. If you need help to find investment property contact me.

Most Common New Investor Questions

Eric McCormick has worked with many experienced and new real estate investors and this is a list of some of the most common questions.

Do you have a CAP rate goal?

A CAP Rate, or Capitalization Rate, is a real estate valuation measure used to compare different real estate investments. Although there are many variations, a CAP rate is calculated as the percentage between the net operating income produced by the property and current market value.

Do you know the CAP rate historical average?

Once you have established your CAP Rate goal, do you know how it compares to the market? This is important to know in order to get your offer accepted.

How do you make an offer based on CAP rate goals?

For most investment properties the buyer makes an offer “Subject to inspection.” This means that the offers are going to be made based on preliminary look at the financials and their CAP rate goals.

How do you increase a CAP rate?

There are many ways to increase a CAP rate, which can include lowering expenses or increasing rents. 

What type of landlord do you want to be?

Sounds odd but many new real estate investors have not asked themselves this question. Do you want to provide affordable housing? Or do you want to provide higher end housing? Do you want to be hands on or do you need someone to manage the property? 

Why are you investing in real estate?

Are you investing in real estate for passive income, retirement income, help your adult children, the “grand parent strategy” or other?

Do you know the cost of construction and do you have contractors?

When I’m not at my desk or looking at houses, I’m most likely rummaging through look hardware and construction stores, or finding skilled laborers to help you with your rehab project. 

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