Buying Your Home

As a buyer’s agent I have a different fiduciary responsibility than a listing agent. As a buyer’s agent my goal is to help you identify the right type of home for you and your family, and to negotiate the best price.

In today’s low inventory market knowing how to present your offer against multiple offers is the biggest challenge. Why should the seller choose your offer? What do you include in your offer? What helps to make your offer stand out? Please contact me for more information about buying a home.

My Buyer’s Agent Real Estate Guarantee:

Who you choose to represent you is a big decision. In addition to helping you negotiate the best offer, as your Buyer’s Agent I provide the following services to ensure that a) you will not miss a property and b) you will not over pay.

1. Present current market data and sales of similar homes.

2. Set up a custom web site and email alert system that shows every home in your selected criteria. If a new listing is added to the MLS that matches your criteria, you will be the first to know.

3. Schedule an initial Home Tour so you can see the types of homes that are available. One overlooked part of the home buying process is to know what to eliminate. By previewing homes not only do you learn what you like, but you also learn what you don’t like.

4. Email 400 REALTORS® at London Properties letting them know the type of property you are interested in. In many cases this strategy gives you the first opportunity to find out about homes that are for sale.

5. Place ads to the neighborhood of your choice to let the homeowners know that I have a potential buyer.

6. Deliver 50-100 flyers to specific areas.

7. Set up a reverse-prospecting alert in the MLS so that every agent in the MLS knows what type of home you are looking for and can contact us if they have a match.

8. Once we find a property you like I will look at all similar sales and the competitive landscape to determine the best way to present your offer.

Once Your Offer Is Accepted:

1. I will work with you to schedule your home inspection, pest inspection, roof inspection and others if needed.

2. Review seller disclosures and point out any “red flags.”

3. Review inspection reports, NHD and Preliminary Title Report.

4. Help you determine reasonable Request for Repairs.

5. Help to keep escrow on track to close on time.

6. Communicate your needs, wants, deadlines and instructions to the seller’s and seller’s agent.