Selling Trust Property

Quick Read:
• Real estate inventory is at record lows because of low-interest rates.
• Low inventory has pushed up sale prices to record highs.
• If your family is holding onto property, now is the time to maximize the value.
• As a Certified Probate & Trust Realtor and owner of Estate Sale Fresno, I can liquidate your entire estate in 60 days.

Are you holding onto property, perhaps as part of an inheritance or trust, for sentimental reasons or because of a family disagreement? If you are, you are holding on to property for a different reason than most people. Real estate inventory in Fresno County is down 35% primarily because people have a mortgage interest rate below 3.5% and don’t want to lose their low-interest rate. Interest rates are not coming down anytime soon so most people’s situation will not change. So, if you are holding on to property for any other reason than a low-interest rate, now is a golden opportunity to sell your property for top value.

Why Inventory Is Low

One of the primary reasons for the current scarcity of real estate listings is the prevailing low-interest rates. As interest rates remain historically low, homeowners are reluctant to part ways with their properties, fearing they may never secure such favorable rates again. This sentiment has led to a significant decline in available listings, creating a competitive market with high demand and limited supply. As of this writing, Fresno homes are selling on average in 29 days, the average sale price is $455,000 and the months of inventory is below two months. These statistics are either record highs, or very close.

The Opportunity for Property Holders

If you are holding onto property, whether a family home, an inherited estate, or a property within a trust, now is the time to consider selling it. While it’s understandable that you may be attached to the property, maximizing its value for the future is a wise choice. Whether it is real estate, stocks, or investments, selling at the peak is an excellent opportunity to liquidate your asset and put the funds toward other investments or retirement.

Maximizing Value for Beneficiaries or Heirs

By selling your property in the current market, you can ensure that the beneficiaries or your heirs receive the highest possible return on their investment. With low inventory driving up property values, you have the opportunity to fetch top dollar for your real estate assets. This benefits you as the seller and sets up a more secure financial future for your loved ones.

Certified Probate & Trust Realtor and owner of Estate Sale Fresno

When navigating the complexities of selling property held in trust or an estate, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a Certified Probate & Trust Realtor. I specialize in handling the unique challenges and nuances associated with probate and trust sales.

In addition, as the owner of Estate Sale Fresno, I can manage an estate sale to sell your household items for top dollar. After the sale, I will organize a trash out, manage minor repairs and cleaning, take professional photos, then list and sell the property for top dollar. In most cases, my team and I can do all of this is in 60 days. One call does it all, and no job is too big or too small.